Work: Selections from our portfolio

Ramp - Ahead of the curve, making crypto easy.

Close collaboration with Ramp’s core team to redefine the UX of their revolutionary product. Continued advisory, product design, brand development, and software engineering services provided through multiple capital raising rounds and record-breaking product hyper-growth. 2020 - 2023

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Docx - Reinventing software development documentation with AI

Fast-tracked engagement to launch a concept validation landing page for a startup incubated by a NY firm, Primary VC. Branding elements, narration consulting, UX+UI design, and Framer development (under 1 week from first contact with founder to launch). 2022

Treat - Revolutionising customer experience in e-commerce

An ambitious early-stage, venture-backed NY start-up aiming to help e-comm/m-comm merchants drive revenue in a privacy-first world. Close collaboration with the C-level team as we took on the UX Lead role, conceptualising the platform for the modern marketer. User research, wireframing, and testing MVP besides future, aspirational versions.2022

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A national leader in temp employment placement, connecting independent workers with short-term commitments across a wide range of industries throughout Poland. Brand development consulting to leverage the best parts of pre-existing identity, without a full-on overhaul. User research, UX+UI design, and development of iOS & Android mobile apps. 2021 - Ongoing

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Coinpaper - Knowledge is wealth, the asset is information.

Branding, UX+UI design, and implementation of an outlet publishing the latest cryptoasset prices, news, and insights on the entire Web3 space. Building for the future of decentralised media. 2021 - Ongoing

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Bulletin - Web application coming to life in under 2 weeks.

Developing a fully functional dashboard for listing private crypto instruments on an ambitious timeline leveraging extreme programming and rapid prototyping.2023

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Student Coin - Simplifying tokenisation at scale.

An ecosystem to create and manage personal, start-up, NFT, and DeFi tokens. Hailed "the biggest ICO of 2021", Student Coin became a household name since the idea's inception in 2017. We've helped their brilliant crew mature the brand and online presence. As one, our teams designed and developed a range of crypto-enabled products within the STC suite, including web and mobile apps with wallet, voting, staking, terminal, and academy features, to name a few. 2021 - Ongoing

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MeTreat - Increasing patient compliance through simple reminders.

Brand and multi-platform app design for a patient support and medication tracking system. Featuring dedicated, unlockable guide modules for safe at-home use of prescription medication, increasing compliance and effectiveness. 2020

hiretesters - Connecting DevOps & testing professionals with opportunity.

Conceived in 2021, hiretesters is a unique hiring platform headquartered in Canada, connecting DevOps and software testing talent with opportunity globally. Consultancy, brand conception, MVP design and development, launch and post-launch optimisation. 2020 - 2021

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ecoPros - Accelerating clean energy adoption with DeFi

Users pay a subscription to get access to clean energy without making any upfront capital investment to acquire the infrastructure. Consultancy, fundraising support, brand development, product design & software engineering.2020 - Ongoing

Xiaomi - Better mi this new year.

20/21 beginning of year campaign concept for Xiaomi, with marketing copy and collateral materials, including exposition design elements. In collaboration with our friends at Xfaang and Good Division. 2020

Maryground slider 1
Maryground slider 2

Marygoround - Elevating communications for a high-flying motion picture.

Branding elements and a series of concept posters for the SXSW2020-shortlisted motion picture “Marygoround” (PL: "Maryjki"), directed by Daria Woszek. 2020

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approximately 80% of our clients come from referrals

The amount of high quality work they can produce in a short amount of time is impressive.

The mobile app they developed has over 100,000 downloads with an average rating of 4,7 stars. Also every of their designs are eye pleasing, and very functional. Communication was great [...]. They are also very versatile, I believe there is nothing digital that they cannot design.”

Cezary Tabota photo

- Cezary Tabota, COO at Student Coin

Peggy Stinson photo

- Peggy Stinson, CEO at Lusion

I enjoy working with them since they have fresh ideas.

We appreciate that technology-wise, the project has been a collaborative activity. We could open up the portal and make changes on the spot. [...] WAYF didn’t just take the scope and return with a product. They are very flexible and allow us to participate; [...]. I’ve already referred them to my other clients."

It was impressive how fast and easy they implemented new ideas.

We had calls with different design agencies. With WAYF we had the best feeling to get exactly what we want. The workflow was good. We had some online meetings and [...] If we asked to have a meeting, they always had time. I was happy to see completely new homepage with a modern design."

Constantin Fritz photo

- Constantin Fritz, CEO at apps4erp

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