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Navigating the crypto universe
Student Coin (STC), a platform that simplifies the tokenisation process, has left an indelible mark on the crypto ecosystem. Since its inception in 2017, STC has grown into a popular name in the crypto world, earning the title "the biggest ICO of 2021".

By partnering with us, STC has successfully matured its brand and online presence, designing and developing an array of crypto-centric products. These include web and mobile applications offering features like wallets, voting, staking, terminal, and an academy, among others.

Being the first crypto platform that empowers users to design, create, and manage personal, start-up, NFT, and DeFi tokens, Student Coin has set a new standard. Our association with them began on a recommendation from a former partner. While the initial agreement was for us to develop the application as per STC's design, through our mutual exchange of ideas and feedback, we also embraced the design component.

Following the application's launch, our engagement has expanded to developing new features, a relationship that continues to this day. Since 2021, we have been an essential agency for STC, undertaking multiple projects, including landing pages, brand identity, Coinpaper, and Student Coin Wallet. Our consistent high-quality output has strengthened our status as a reliable partner for STC.
"Their capability to produce high-quality work in a limited timeframe is extraordinary. The mobile app they developed boasts over 100,000 downloads with an impressive rating of 4.7 stars. Their designs, both aesthetically pleasing and functional, are commendable. Their communication skills are excellent, and their versatility is unmatched. There seems to be no digital design challenge that they can't tackle!"
Cezary Tabota -- Director of Operations, Student Coin
Crash-free rate
Apple App Store rating
(1) Industry average is 4.1
(2) Industry average is 60.8%

What we did

1. Market & requirements analysis
Before diving into the development phase, we conducted a detailed market and requirements analysis. This involved identifying user needs, understanding the current market trends, and analysing user behaviour on the existing web platform.
2. MVP design
After understanding the market requirements, we started with the design of the MVP. Our team focused on developing a basic system inspired by their existing product while improving the user experience.
3. MVP development
With the designs and technical requirements in hand, we swiftly developed the MVP for STC's web and mobile application. Seamless integration between the web and mobile versions was achieved by connecting the application to the previously created backend.
4. Maintenance
After the product release, we offer full-scale maintenance support to ensure a stable and bug-free product. By continuously incorporating user feedback, we're able to enhance the product with new features.
5. Addition of new features
Following the successful MVP launch, our team continued to add innovative features to their web and mobile applications. Our data-driven strategies have played a significant role in keeping the client ahead of the competition.
6. Brand refresh
Post-MVP launch, we received an additional request to refresh their brand. We designed a new system for the web application and undertook a company-wide rebranding.
What we did
• Conducted discovery meetings to determine project scope and objectives

• Created low-fidelity wireframes and iterated to refine the most user-friendly solution

• Developed UI iterations and finalised the interface after revisions

• Built a high-fidelity app using React Native for both iOS and Android

• Tested the software rigorously before launching it

• Continued maintenance work and new feature development for the app
The challenge
STC aimed to create an accessible mobile application for iOS and Android to encourage adoption of the crypto world. As of now, we are responsible for the maintenance of applications we created with Student Coin.
The scope
Though initially tasked to create the application following STC's design, our engagement expanded to include design responsibilities as well. We developed applications for both Android and iOS platforms, and continue to collaborate on new features.

For the Student Coin website, while our team concentrated on creating innovative and user-friendly designs, the client took the opportunity to independently handle the website's development in Webflow. This gave them full control over their online presence, leading to a unique interpretation of our initial designs.
The outcomes
We designed, developed, and launched the Student Coin mobile applications for iOS and Android. The application has garnered more than 100,000 downloads with a 4.7-star rating on the Apple Store. During the maintenance period, we ensured a stable application with 99.89% crash-free sessions.

Logo variants and the meaning behind the symbol

Example views from the app

Example views from the website

Example views from the website

Big thanks to everyone involved on both ends, WAYF and Student Coin; thanks to our partner for your continued trust.

The app is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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