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Coinpaper, a progressive platform, offers real-time data and analysis on the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency. Ranging from real-time pricing to trading volumes and market capitalisation, Coinpaper serves as a comprehensive hub for the latest Web3 asset information.

Our collaborative partnership with Coinpaper involved designing, implementing, and maintaining this user-friendly website, now a go-to resource for individuals and organisations alike.
"WAYF's partnership has been instrumental in realising our vision for Coinpaper. Their expert branding, UX/UI design, and technical prowess led to the creation of a user-centric platform that's rapidly become a trusted source for cryptocurrency insights.

WAYF's ongoing commitment to maintaining and updating the platform ensures we stay at the cutting edge of user needs. I can't recommend them highly enough for any project requiring a dedicated and skilled team."
Jacob Kozakiewicz -- Chief Product Officer at Coinpaper

What we did

1. Initial business analysis & design
Our journey with Coinpaper commenced with their proposition to launch a well-curated online magazine. Our mutual brainstorming sessions resulted in potential branding directions and customer-oriented benchmarks.
2. UX & UI design
Following a collective understanding of effective communication channels, we collaboratively brainstormed preliminary UX&UI directions. Post revisions, we finalised a high-fidelity set of online and mobile screens, effectively establishing the product's voice and branding.
3. MVP scoping
Our next step was to scope out the initial version using the minimum viable product framework. This included: swift page loads, an intuitive content management system for Coinpaper's editors, live content updates, and an overall stellar developer experience.
4. Tech stack selection
Our selection of React and Next.js was informed by their proven success in building online magazines, a large active community, and familiarity within our team. We incorporated Styled Components, Tailwind and twin.macro to expedite UI creation, and Open API Generator and react-query for efficient API management. Our integration with Cloudinary ensured optimal static content delivery.
5. Software development & testing
Once the groundwork was laid, our team of three developers kickstarted the development phase. Rigorous testing ensued before we launched the website.
6. Ongoing work
Our commitment to Coinpaper extends beyond project completion. We continue to provide maintenance work and develop new features for the website.
What we did
• Conducted discovery meetings to determine project scope and objectives

• Created low-fidelity wireframes and iterated to refine the most user-friendly solution

• Developed UI iterations and finalised the interface after revisions

• Built a high-fidelity app using React Native for both iOS and Android

• Tested the software rigorously before launching it

• Continued maintenance work and new feature development for the app
The challenge
Coinpaper envisioned a platform to provide the latest data and insights on Web3 asset prices. The goal was to lay the groundwork for the future of decentralised media.
The scope
To meet Coinpaper's ambitious expectations, we employed our expertise across various areas: branding, UX writing, UX/UI design, front-end and back-end development. Our ongoing work on product maintenance ensures a continually up-to-date and robust platform.
The outcomes
The fruitful partnership between WAYF and Coinpaper led to the birth of a comprehensive website, now a well-established resource for real-time Web3 asset prices, news, and insights. Our ongoing relationship underpins the development of new features and regular platform maintenance. Our collective vision has borne fruit, affirming our belief that "Knowledge is wealth, the asset is information".

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Example platform views (web, mobile)


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Paul Utr
Klaudia Wereniewicz

Sincere appreciation to the dedicated team at Coinpaper, who alongside the focused specialists at WAYF, decoded complexities into clear solutions. Set to engineer success with us?
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