Revolutionising customer experience in e-commerce
Birthed from the vibrant start-up scene of New York, Treat approached us at WAYF, propelled by a mission to reshape the landscape of e-commerce and m-commerce. Amidst a world where privacy has become paramount, governmental regulations have tightened, and companies like Apple are raising the bar for user tracking consent, the traditional paradigms of targeted advertising are being radically challenged.

In light of these shifts, marketers were seeking new, innovative strategies to optimise their efforts and reach customers effectively. This is precisely where Treat envisaged making its mark. Armed with venture capital backing and a team of dedicated co-founders and key personnel, Treat sought our collaborative partnership to create solutions that would empower businesses to navigate this evolving terrain successfully.

Treat's initial projects revolved around a gifting referral system Shopify Widget for merchants and a highly customisable customer data dashboard. However, our partnership's ability to flex and adapt saw Treat pivot towards a business model that has since positioned them as a prominent figure in AI-driven e-commerce solutions.

Fast-forward to the present, Treat's AI-powered technology generates hyper-personalised lifestyle photos that enhance customer acquisition and retention, boosting Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) effectively. With a substantial $8.5M investment from Greylock Partners, Treat's successful pivot attests to our collaborative resilience and the adaptive, solution-oriented methodology at the heart of WAYF's ethos.
"The folks at WAYF were incredibly creative and resourceful. We are shipping a product based on the project in a week. The workflow between our team and theirs was very effective."
Matt Osman -- CEO, Treat
What we did
• Conducted discovery meetings to determine project scope and objectives

• Created low-fidelity wireframes and iterated to refine the most user-friendly solution

• Developed UI iterations and finalised the interface after revisions

• Built a high-fidelity app using React Native for both iOS and Android

• Tested the software rigorously before launching it

• Continued maintenance work and new feature development for the app
The challenge
Treat's quest for an agile, efficient partner led them to us at WAYF. We collaborated on designing and refining their product ideas, optimising the user experience (UX) through rapid prototyping, iterative testing, and continual improvements.
The scope
Treat's journey led us to 2 key projects:

1. Shopify widget for merchants:
This gifting referral system demanded rapid prototyping, effective UX design, and continual idea validation and optimisation.

2. Customer data dashboard:
Working closely alongside the Head of Product, the Founders, and the Creative Director, we embraced responsibility for the UX design process. Beginning with the discovery process and user testing, we diligently explored flows and crafted low to mid-fidelity  mockups with the goal of creating a tool set to become a favourite among savvy commerce marketing executives.
The approach
In the Shopify widget project, we initiated multiple prototype designs, utilising Maze for testing and gathering critical user feedback. This rigorous process allowed us to refine our approach and help realign Treat's business priorities.

For the Data dashboard project, we initiated a comprehensive UX design journey, beginning with user research to understand customer behaviours and needs. Guided by these insights and ongoing consultations with the Treat team - who were consistently engaging with their partners and prospective users - we developed multiple concepts to assess the potential value of the product.

This iterative approach of design, testing, and refinement ensured a user-centric product version that delivered tangible business outcomes and led to the pivotal transitions that followed.
The outcomes
The outcome of our partnership with Treat was instrumental in validating their business ideas and charting a successful course.

Alongside designing a high-quality, user-friendly UX for the customer data dashboard, we offered strategic input that complemented Treat's internal decision-making process. This collaborative approach facilitated an exploration of their business model, encouraging efficiency and preventing undue expenditure.

The WAYF advantage

WAYF stands as more than a software engineering and UX design agency. We are a team of problem solvers, dedicated to helping guide businesses through the labyrinths of digital product development. Our collaboration with Treat showcased our ability to provide top-tier talent, reduce recruitment and retention costs, and deliver superior solutions.

Treat's successful business pivot, backed by a significant $8.5M funding round led by Greylock, is a testament to the effectiveness of our collaboration. Partner with WAYF, and unlock your business's full potential!

Example high fidelity wireframe of the Treat web app (attributes dashboard, singular view)

Example high fidelity wireframe of the Treat web app (attributes dashboard, compare view)

Example high fidelity wireframe of the Treat web app (data enrichment module - enrichment quote view)


Paul Utr
Juliana Pechinskaya
Chris Kraszewski

Sincere appreciation to the dedicated team at Treat, who alongside the focused specialists at WAYF, decoded complexities into clear solutions. Set to engineer success with us?
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