Web app coming to life in under 2 weeks
David, a crypto/web3 advisor and enthusiast, first approached us with a unique challenge he'd identified in the crypto private secondaries market. He observed that this market was "opaque, costly to transact, and underserved by existing secondaries platforms due to the unique characteristics of crypto."

To address this, he envisioned
Bulletin - a platform designed to enhance discoverability for private shares in leading crypto projects and funds. Bulletin would serve as a hub where buyers, sellers, and brokers of these assets could easily find and independently contact each other, all while ensuring data privacy.

Our task was to develop a fully functional dashboard for listing private crypto instruments within a strict timeframe. The primary business objective was concept validation. Both the client and our team at WAYF agreed to expedite the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This approach would allow us to monitor user traffic, gather feedback, and prepare for the post-MVP phase, during which we would fine-tune our strategy based on user insights.

Leveraging extreme programming and rigorous testing, we ensured the application was in line with the client's vision. The result was a fully functional, thoroughly tested application, ready for user engagement within just a week and a half.
"I really can’t speak highly enough of WAYF. Maciej, Szymon and the rest of the team did an outstanding job from start to finish and I couldn’t be happier with the result! I particularly appreciated their desire to understand the key objectives of Bulletin and to build something in-line with my needs & budget, without compromising on the quality and design of the product."
David Mirzadeh -- Bulletin Founder

What we did

Kickoff and vision alignment
Our collaboration began with an initial conversation with the founder, during which we delved into the product vision detailed in the brief.
Rapid development phase
Given the tight deadlines, we swiftly transitioned into an intense week of extreme programming. Throughout this phase, we actively published changes to the staging environment, enabling us to gather feedback without halting our progress.
Collaborative testing
We partnered closely with the client for several days of rigorous application testing. This crucial phase ensured that the product was in sync with their vision and allowed us to identify and rectify any bugs before the final release.
Smooth release
A week after our initial kickoff call, we were ready to launch the application in the production environment. The release proceeded seamlessly, and we were soon able to announce that the application was live and ready for use.
Ongoing maintenance and support
Following the successful release, we continue to work closely with the client, providing maintenance support to ensure the application's smooth operation.
The challenge
The client aimed to develop a portal for listing blockchain assets within a tight schedule. The product was designed to serve as a litmus test for market demand for such a platform, a strategy aimed at avoiding unnecessary expenditure. The challenge lay in swiftly creating a functional site without compromising its scalability potential. Throughout the development process, we made numerous micro-business decisions to expedite progress.
The scope
Our mission was to design and develop a comprehensive dashboard for listing blockchain assets available for buying or selling. Additionally, this application facilitates the sending of contact requests in relation to the listed offers.
The outcomes
In just a week and a half, our team successfully developed a fully functional application. After rigorous testing, it's now primed for deployment to our inaugural group of users.

The Bulletin dashboard view

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this project, both from WAYF and Bulletin. We deeply appreciate the trust our partner has placed in us.

To explore the fruits of our collaboration, visit the Bulletin website here.

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