ViPo: Your virtual portier for the future
ViPo is a revolutionary idea providing the virtual doorman that greets your visitors, connects them via VoIP with the appropriate contact person and directs them to their destination.

We have released a completely redesigned program including several new features like Admin Panel & Outlook/Calendar integrations. Users who require a receptionist helper can use it because of its user-friendly design. We have also produced development documentation and a user manual to ensure that the system can be scaled easily.

What we did


We began with the analysis of the current state of the application, and it quickly came out that our main goal would be to refresh old, legacy systems (poor UX, UI, Flash technology) with more expandable, fast, and fresh-looking solutions.
Also, we found out that there was a lack of documentation. The previous development team was unreachable, so we had to do due diligence and get to know the existing app by its codebase.
Thoroughly form project architecture

At first, we aimed for quality over time, so we thoroughly prepared the product architecture and prioritized its parts.
And after that came the information:
We need an MVP… fast!
Priorities change - onto creating MVP

We had to adjust our priorities and create an MVP that could be used for the presentations because our client had some business opportunities to use.
Rapid design & development

Thanks to our already-created components library, we were able to generate subpages swiftly.
In addition, we used Turborepo, which let us work on both the front and back end simultaneously.
We have also decided on our design strategy. Due to time constraints, we have created a design system to facilitate easy scaling. To make the design user-friendly for non-technical people, it has to be straightforward and minimalistic - we had that mindset during the whole design phase.
We have taken into consideration the security & speed of the application - that’s why we decided to go with Server-Side Rendering, which ensures that only valid users can have access to the system.
Working agile to deliver new features

To continuously assess and remove obstacles plus adjust to the shifting environment, we worked agile way. We used weekly iterations, beginning with planning and continuing with daily reports and meetings, to fine-tune our work. During the project retrospectives, we took a moment to consider potential changes in our workflow.
After each developed project, we did a short presentation call with the client to gather feedback and adjust the next steps. It allowed us to continuously improve in response to the client’s input and our observations.
What we did
• Conducted discovery meetings to determine project scope and objectives

• Created low-fidelity wireframes and iterated to refine the most user-friendly solution

• Developed UI iterations and finalised the interface after revisions

• Built a high-fidelity app using React Native for both iOS and Android

• Tested the software rigorously before launching it

• Continued maintenance work and new feature development for the app
The challenge
To scale and quickly develop the market's desired features, our client requested us to update the ViPo product (Virtual Portier, a two-part software used as a human receptionist replacement in Switzerland).
To position the program for long-term growth, it needed to be wholly redeveloped utilizing a cutting-edge, secure, and scalable technological stack.
The scope
The scope of the ViPo project includes a comprehensive re-design of the previous application, including the re-development of an Admin Panel and Super Admin feature. Additionally, documentation writing was a vital component of the project, focusing on providing precise and detailed instructions for using and maintaining the application. To further aid in the development process, a demo environment has been prepared for the client, which was used for investors' pitches and to gather initial feedback from end users.
The outcomes
With the new Admin Panel & Super Admin capabilities and additional quality-of-life adjustments to features like Outlook integration, which allows importing the events to the calendar without delays, and CSV import & export of contacts without the need for a specific structure of the file, we have released a completely redesigned program. Users who require a receptionist helper can use it because of its user-friendly design. We have also produced development documentation and a user manual to ensure that the system can be scaled easily.

A selection of screens from the ViPo app

A selection of screens from the ViPo app

Big thanks to everyone involved on both ends, WAYF and ViPo; thanks to our partner for your continued trust.

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