A step into decentralised energy
We knew each other with Ecopros stakeholders after previous cooperations and they decided to come to us with a new project of website & branding, where there was a need for rapid delivery.

In order to ensure fast development, which was one of the main concerns of the client, we used Framer, resulting in the successful publication of the website within 2 weeks. Through iterative tweaking, the website was enhanced to improve user-friendliness. In addition to website development, the team provided support in various areas, including rebranding, business flow, pitch decks, and litepapers, ultimately transforming the client's image from Web 2 to Web 3.

What we did

Project brief
As the project mainly involved rapid no-code development of the website, we first examined the brief and made sure all deliverables are clear for us
Creating the PoC website
Once we ensured a clear scope, we commenced website development using Framer. Our goal was to have a functional website promptly, with plans to iteratively improve and add new features. This approach allowed us to successfully launch the initial version of the website within 2 weeks.
Iterative tweaking
When the first version of the website was ready, we started to think about changes and tweaks which would make it even more user-friendly. After several iterations, we have managed to a version you can see now live.
Additional support
Besides the development of the website, we have also supported the client’s business growth in other fields. One of them was the creation of pitch decks, litepapers, and business flows. Once again we have worked iteratively to ensure that after some time we will have the best possible version.
The challenge
The main challenge of our client was to gather leads for a newly created project. That’s why we had to create a user-friendly website with high conversion potential which would allow the business to grow.
The scope
The main task was to create a page to collect leads for a new project. After the creation of the website, we have also helped with several other initiatives such as rebranding, business flow, pitch decks, and litepapers in order to present the whole business idea during stakeholder meetings.
The outcomes
We have successfully created and published ausing Framer, which later was used as a showcase of the project. Besides that, we have also created several business documents, including the litepaper. During that time we managed to transform the customer image from Web 2 to Web 3.

A view of different slides from the litepaper

A view of different slides from the company deck

An overview of the flow

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