Aura Care
Optimize your health and longevity, from home.
Aura Care is a French-founded startup that provides preventative care in New York. It enables the patient to get an at-home checkup, analyze the results and create an action plan for maintaining good health.

We connected with the client through the Framer referral program, of which we are a member as an official Framer partner. You can find more about our Framer team at

WAYF team started with a Framer template to develop the website fast, which was our initial goal. After consultations with the client, we’ve changed this direction and decided to create the project from scratch. During this phase we successfully refreshed the brand and created a new logo as well.

What we did

Short brief
During our first meeting, we were shortly briefed on the expectations of content & the feeling of the website and checked the picked template
Using the template
Thanks to the template, we were able to begin website development right away. We organised regular review meetings with the client stakeholders to showcase updates and ensure are are on the same page when it comes to the style and layout preference.
Polishing the website
We discussed the client’s feedback and project corrections during online consultations. Thanks to the transparency and well-structured feedback loops we were able to iteratively tweak the website.
Release and maintenance
Soon after the website was ready to be released, our partnership entered the maintenance phase. Thanks to our continued collaboration, we are able to provide and test improvements to the website with the goal of increasing conversion rates.
The challenge
In order to gather first leads, Aura needed a website that would be a showcase of its services. Moreover, the brand had to be reinvented in order to be more target-friendly.
The scope
At first, we were tasked with the fast Framer implementation based on the template picked by Aura. Later we decided to change the direction and create a new website, which is now live. Besides that we are continuing our partnership as a maintenance and editor partner, constantly improving the website to increase conversion and user-friendliness.
The outcomes
We have created a fully functional website using Framer, which is now used to gather leads for the client. Additionally, we have refreshed the brand by creating a new logo that sets the direction for the brand.

The Aura web and mobile view

New Aura branding typography

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this project, both from WAYF and Aura. We deeply appreciate the trust our partner has placed in us.

To explore the fruits of our collaboration, visit the Aura website here.

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